Juventus signing Fernando Llorente has lamented the way he was treated in his final months at Athletic Bilbao.

Llorente has barely played in the last six months, as his rapport with Athletic Bilbao deteriorated after he refused to sign a contract extension.

"Unfortunately talks did not go well and the Press contributed to creating a negative image, which consequently turned the fans against me too. It wasn't the way I wanted it to go and I'll always be grateful to Atleti.

"At this moment I am living the dream of growing as a player and have come to the best club to achieve that.

"It was a complicated season for me with the situation at Athletic Bilbao, as I was unable to play or contribute to my team. Unfortunately that also made it impossible for me to play for my country, so I hope Juventus can help me get back into the Spain squad.

"Did Inter try to bring me to Italy? No, it's not true."