Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has defended the way he announced Alessandro del Piero's contract would not be renewed. Agnelli hit out at the Press for how they reported on the announcement and for insinuating that there was a dispute between himself and the No 10.

"You have given different interpretations to my words spoken during the shareholders meeting. In reality we were in agreement that the contract signed last year was his last with Juventus and my only desire was to give him the best tribute possible.

"I'm in Parma. We opened the new stadium against Parma and against Parma there is also a game with a special memory - it was in his first years with Juventus, he scored a hat-trick and instead of cheering for one of the goals, indicated towards those who had assisted.

"Well, that gesture says a lot about the player that he is. Alessandro is part of the story of Juventus and the doors of the club and my office are always open to him. Del Piero and Juventus are one and the can only be applied to him, Boniperti, Platini and a few others."