Juventus legend Marco Tardelli admits he's a big fan of Bianconeri youngster Claudio Marchisio.

"He's a lad I like a lot. The last time I saw him was in Turin with La Nazionale in the match against Bulgaria. Marchisio is not just a promising player he is already a great one," Tardelli told Tuttosport.

Asked if Marchisio was a throwback to his own style of player, Tardelli replied: "I don't like these kinds of comparisons. Sure, he's a complete player, like I was. Perhaps he is even more professional than me. After all, I wasn't all that great.

"He can cover every one of the roles in midfield, on the left, the right and in the middle. He'll play wherever you put him. He always guarantees a high level performance and resolves a lot of problems for Ferrara."