Italy and Juventus legend Paolo Rossi has slammed outgoing Azzurri coach Marcello Lippi.

Rossi was the top scorer in Italy's successful campaign and is now a pundit for Sky Italia television.

"Lippi was guilty of arrogance and that proved to be a catastrophe," slammed the Azzurri hero.

"Everyone got things wrong and he did first of all. He called up players who were unmotivated and I would've made very different decisions.

"We knew for the last year that this squad could not do well. There were no real leaders.

"Besides, after the victory of four years ago in Berlin, we were lacking that hunger for success.

"These players were hailed and praised for four years. If I had been in Lippi's place, I would've called up Francesco Totti, Antonio Cassano, Mario Balotelli and Marco Borriello."