Juventus have entered a media blackout after Antonio Conte's plea bargain was rejected.

Conte, who is charged with failing to report an attempted fix while he was at Siena in 2010-11, had agreed a plea bargain of a three-month ban with €200,000 fine with prosecutor Stefano Palazzi.

However, in a shock move the Disciplinary Commission judging panel rejected the plea bargain. It now remains to be seen if he'll renegotiate a new plea or go to a full trial.

"Juventus have today enforced a media blackout," read a statement on the club website.

"The situation will be assessed tomorrow, based on today's facts, which are considered as, regardless of the event's outcome, an extremely serious act concerning the honour of all subjects involved: professionals, managers, employees and the club.

"The club will make further comment tomorrow."