Juventus goalkeeper Gigi Buffon says AS Roma captain Francesco Totti has plenty to offer Italy's national team.

Buffon insists the Giallorossi legend can still cut it in the international arena.

"Some of us have shared this adventure with Totti from Under-15 level," he told a Press conference. "So for me he will always be a companion in the national team.

"If he continues to play at the level he is showing this season, then I think the Coach is right to say what he did.

"It is logical to consider someone who is re-writing the history of Italian football.

"After the World Cup in 2006, he preferred to devote more time to Roma, and perhaps that was the right thing to do to give his career longevity.

"Have I asked him to come back? These are personal conversations. When we meet we speak about a lot of things. He knows what I think."