Juventus GM Marotta cops heat over transfer policy

Juventus GM Beppe Marotta has defended his transfer market work in the wake of criticism from shareholders.

Marotta’s moves were placed into doubt by some of the club’s shareholders on Friday morning, but he’s hit back.

“It’s true, errors have been made,” he noted. “Jorge Martinez [signed for €12m from Catania], above all, but you only make mistakes when you actually buy.

“Over the last two years we have had to oversee, not a revolution, but a significant rejuvenation. We’ve signed 22 players and you can get a few signings wrong.

“But don’t forget about the ones we got right, like Andrea Pirlo on a free, Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal – a player we signed for €10m and one for whom we rejected an offer of €30m.

“We turned that down because Juventus are not a selling club.”

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