Antonio Conte has detailed his first meetings with the previous Juventus board.

Conte joined the Old Lady in 2011, but he was contacted by the previous management about becoming the Coach.

"I met with sporting director Alessio Secco and I tried to explain how I would have intended to re-launch Juventus.

"Playing an offensive game, but with ball possession starting from the defence. And then having two wide attackers to surprise our opponents. I indicated players as models: Robben, Lennon and Walcott.

"Diego? He asked for my opinion on him. I said, with frankness, that he was a good player but with Trezeguet, Del Piero, Amauri and Iaquinta in the squad, that €25m could be spent in another manner.

"You all know what happened. If a Coach has a specific way that he plays then he can't be left out when technical decisions are made."