Juventus coach Antonio Conte admits he could leave Italy.

Conte is upset with the criticism leveled at him after his celebrations in victory over Bologna.

"I was celebrating with the Juventus fans," insisted Conte in his Press conference. "I turned towards the Curva and the areas of the stands that I could see were full of Juventini. If I can't even celebrate with my own supporters, then what can I do?

"With one minute to go, I am 2-0 up and putting a solid foundation on a Scudetto and am supposed to worry about how and where I celebrate? Are we kidding?

"Instead, try seeing how Juventus are welcomed in stadiums. I was truly stunned that a civilised city like Bologna greeted the team bus with sticks, rocks, spit, even people who shouted vile abuse while holding four-year-old children in their arms. What kind of an education are we giving young people?

"This is the sort of thing people ought to be ashamed of, not rubbish like celebrating. I understand it hurts to lose, but let's be realistic here."