Juventus coach Antonio Conte has insisted his innocence after being placed under investigation for alleged match fixing.

Conte will have to answer questions after police raided his home in Turin yesterday morning as the betting probe gathered pace.

"I have always demonstrated honesty, integrity and loyalty, as well as correctness, both as a player and Coach," Conte said.

"You can ask my ex-teammates, my players and even their opponents, to see who Antonio Conte is.

"I always aim to win matches. I was assaulted with bats and sticks, in front of my two-year-old daughter and my wife, for my integrity. This is Antonio Conte, for those who do not know.

"With Siena we won a remarkable championship with enormous effort. It was a fantastic year and nothing and no one will ruin that season.

"Today I received a note accusing me of criminal conspiracy and my home was searched when I wasn't even there.

"I've read the accusation, but why was I not called up to speak to the Cremona authorities before my home was searched and I became a suspect?

"I'll have a great holiday."