Juventus coach Antonio Conte was beaming after winning the title at first attempt.

It is Conte's first campaign in charge of Juve.

"The sensations are something indescribable, fantastic, extraordinary. We are so happy to have achieved a super-extraordinary season," said Conte.

"I thank the players who worked so hard, the fans who put themselves behind us 100 per cent and I also tip my hat to Milan, who provided a huge challenge and are a great club. It's even more satisfying to get the better of a side like that, as it was unexpected.

"Only the slip-up with Lecce caused a little apprehension, but we are Campioni d'Italia with a round to go and unbeaten after 37 rounds. We hope to end the season unbeaten, as that would be truly historic.

"It is my first Scudetto and I am truly very happy. We want to celebrate on the pitch with our fans, but it's tricky with the chaos that is out there."