Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio feels Italian football should do more for the gay community.

In contrast to many of his Italy teammates, Marchisio is in support of gay marriage.

"Personally, I agree on same-sex marriages," the Juve midfielder tells this month's male Italian edition of Vogue magazine.

"In our particular environment, in fact, the topic is a bit rigid. If someone comes out at their workplace [somewhere else], fortunately it is no longer a sensation.

"When doing so at a football training camp, however, the same scene cannot be imagined. It is not fair.

"I find that instinctively the more traditional figures are those of a man and woman [as parents]. I try to think that children need balance, but it's a complicated issue.

"It cannot be argued that a heterosexual couple can necessarily be able to provide more love to a child."