New Aston Villa signing Jores Okore admits he fell asleep during his medical last week.

Even the attendance of a film crew, who were on a hand to shoot a documentary charting the 48 hours surrounding the transfer, was not sufficient for the player to stop himself from nodding off.

He said: "I just wanted to get the MRI scan done quickly. Boy was I wrong.

"I was placed in the scanner and started a two-hour session. I have to remain completely quiet. I'm listening to the radio and I'm wondering what it will be like. How my new life in Birmingham will be.

"Will I speak English with a British twang?

"But I dozed off after half-an-hour and woke up an hour later.

"I just thought to myself: 'S**t, this is taking a decade.'

"I started to feel a bit on edge but fortunately for me, the MRI scan was fine."