John Carew says he'd be prepared to play for Aston Villa for FREE!

Carew has been without a club since his release by West Ham United last season and is currently doing some acting.

"Football, you should not ignore the fact that it becomes relevant again," Carew told Dagbladet, "Right now I'm very busy with other things, but I'm well trained and physics are in order, so there is no question that something is happening again in the future.

"But I would love to play for free for Villa, if I had time, even if this was something I said a little loose there and then. Aston Villa is my club there, and I still have a very good relationship with the club and the fans.

"I try to communicate with them and keep in touch, but there are probably a number of practical obstacles in the way of a free trip to Villa.

"I will be here to film a month. I cannot say much about it until the project has been a bit longer, but it's a thriller/action movie. I think I have it and they say it in the film industry at least. We'll see, it has certainly gone well so far."