Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic says there's no sugar-coating a disastrous season. And he fears that things could soon get a lot worse for Chelsea unless they recapture the fighting spirit which made them champions of Europe less than a year ago.

Ivanovic admitted: "We have to be honest with each other and admit that a lot of things are not going how we would like them to.

"We are not playing at the level we know we are capable of and that is becoming normal for us.

"So we have to change things very quickly.

"Time is running out for us if we want to finish the season at the highest level.

"And if we want to change things we are going to have to show more character. We need to play as a team and show some fighting spirit.

"We were in the same situation last year and finished the season well. Now we have to do the same thing."

 Is Ivanovic being too harsh? Or is he right about a lack of 'fighting spirit'? Give us your shout below...