ITV left Chelsea fans hanging in England last night as Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was just about to reveal all about next season! Amazingly, ITV had their chance for a world exclusive - but shut Mourinho to go to ad break.

The Daily Mail reports when asked if he would be at the Bernabeu next season, the former Chelsea manager said: "Maybe not."

When asked to elaborate, Mourinho, who has had an uneasy three years in Spain, added: "I want to be where people love me."

But Mourinho was cut short just as he looked set to reveal all, sparking criticism of ITV.

Mourinho had been giving a post-match interview when reporter, Gabriel Clarke, wrapped things up so the channel could go to an advert break.

Clarke said: "Maybe next season with Real?", to which Mourinho said: "Maybe not... I want to be where people love me."

Clarke responded with: "We'll take that as England, we've got to go."

 Can you believe this? We're sure Mou appreciated Clarke answering the question for him! Give us your shout below...