Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete has demanded an explanation from Uefa for the goal Luca Toni had disallowed in the Azzurri's 1-1 draw with Romania on Friday.

Toni had a header ruled out on the stroke of half time but television replays proved the player was clearly onside.

Still seething over another decision that did not go their way against Holland, Abete wants answers.

"Seeing as Uefa intervened quickly to declare that Holland's first goal in Italy's opening 3-0 defeat) was legitimate, I expect that they say that Toni's goal was legitimate," said Abete.

"I want them to say that the assistant and the referee, who was just metres away from the action, made a mistake.

"To have ended the first half with a 1-0 lead would have changed the tactical balance of the game.

"In a close group as this one, these decisions don't help.

"Even the penalty awarded to the Romanians was generous.

"Now we have to focus only on winning against France, otherwise there's no point of discussing it."