Corinthians midfielder Paulinho is being blocked from moving to Inter Milan.

One of the investors in Paulinho's contract has cooled talk of a transfer to Italy.

The general manager of Audax, a company that hold a percentage share in the player, alongside Corinthians and BMG, explained the reasons why.

"We'll start off by saying that Paulinho has had offers from various clubs, there wasn't just Inter involved," Thiago Scuro told

"However, it was Inter that interested Paulinho the most. Why? We are speaking of Inter, one of the biggest clubs in the world, very significant.

"But for family reasons and for his desire to play in the Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup, he has been led to reject the offer from Inter.

"Corinthians for their part also fought hard and offered him a deal very close to Inter's economically, but the Club World Cup and family factors ultimately urged Paulinho to say no."