Inter Milan signing Antonio Cassano has hinted at a rift with AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani ahead of his controversial transfer. Cassano has so far refused to reveal why he put in a transfer request at Milan, but hinted it was Vice-President Galliani.

"When I joined Milan I said that if I got it wrong there then I ought to be locked up. Well, this time I'm not the one who got it wrong. I had to leave. There was someone above the Coach who did something wrong and I can't stand it when people take me for a ride.

"When I was ill, my teammates were very close to me, but this person promised so much. He was all mouth and no trousers.

"This time I want to deal with men who let me know when things are right or wrong. I want to be told face to face what the real situation is. Elsewhere they say some things and do others instead.

"The promises that Milan made? Ask this other person, who is so good at turning the situation around. He gets on only with those who suck up to him, but that's not my style."