Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he enjoys working with Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho. While Mourinho is facing a backlash after his tirade against the local media yesterday, Ibrahimovic insisted: "The best thing about Mourinho is that when you start a game you already have all the information you need, you're ready.

"Then, of course, it depends on the players. He can prepare everything in the best way, but we have to win the game on the field.

"With him, I think the mentality has changed: if things do not go well, you can see that he is unhappy and we must adapt. Even to me he will immediately get in my face when he is angry. Let's say I am accustomed to this mindset, because I grew up at Ajax with Co Adriaanse, a similar type. Then I had Fabio Capello, so these things I understand.

"I like a coach who is tough with me, who uses heavy words, who tells me that I do in fact suck. With me it works!"