Inter Milan striker Adriano has courted more controversy while on-loan at Sao Paulo.

After a generally positive spell with the Tricolor Paulista, Adriano has run into trouble after lightly head-butting Domingos during a game against Santos.

If a tribunal decides that L'Imperatore has only broken Article 255 - an act of hostility - he will receive a three game ban, but if his actions are deemed to be a violation of Article 253 - serious physical aggression - he will be banned for between 120 and 540 days.

"I don't know what the referee saw," Adriano claimed after the game. "The Santos player put a hand in my face and I just asked him why he had done that."

However, Sao Paulo Coach Muric Ramalho isn't convinced that Adriano is blameless.

"Adriano made a mistake," he said "You just can't do that kind of thing."