Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli says he was always destined for stardom.

Not one for false modesty, Balotelli bagged a brace and created more in Inter's 5-3 win over Palermo on Thursday.

"When I was six years old, I told my mother that I would play in Serie A and she didn't believe me," he grinned.

"She was forced to change her mind, because pretty soon many clubs started looking for me. My football is about fun and letting loose, even if I must admit I have lost that carefree attitude I had in the youth academy."

Super Mario has caused controversy in his career for his explosive temper and tendency to 'wind up' opponents.

"Why don't I celebrate very much? Because for a striker it is normal to score a goal, it's hardly an unusual occurrence. I keep my joy inside.

"I learned most of all from Ronaldo, as when he was at Inter and I was a kid, I studied him closely."