Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli has hit out at his birth parents over recent comments.

Recently, his birth parents have appeared in newspapers stating their sadness at being unable to play a part in Balotelli's life and these stories have infuriated the talented youngster.

"I want to make some things clear regarding the comments of Thomas and Rose Barwuah, my biological parents," the teenage striker wrote on his personal website.

"They have talked of two people forced to give their child up for adoption due to poverty. This is false because nobody forced them to leave me at the hospital as a newborn baby and to disappear in the years that followed.

"I have been a foster child in the Balotelli family since the age of two and every two years I have had to renew that agreement in court.

"Why is that? Because the Barwuahs, who are pictured in the newspapers with a photo of me in an Inter shirt looking sad, never asked to have me back.

"For 16 years I didn't even receive a phone call on my birthday, but now they make contact after I have become a Serie A footballer.

"There is no bond between us and in my eyes they are just strangers."