New Inter Milan signing Samuel Eto'o admits he tried to make a move to Chelsea when Jose Mourinho was in charge.

The former Barcelona striker revealed: "There were years in which I tried to play under Mourinho and I never managed to do it. Now I am happy to be here, for me it's a great honour and it's not true that in the past I insulted Mourinho after the challenge between Chelsea and Barcelona in the Champions League. I have the cassettes to prove it.

Turning his attention elsewhere, Eto'o revealed his has the utmost respect for Serie A.

"Here in Serie A there are many important players because the great champions are in the teams where they know how to win. I am here because Serie A is a very competitive League.

"It's true, Ibra and Kaka have left, but in Italy there are many great champions and I am convinced I made the right choice."