Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti played down any row between coach Andrea Stramaccioni and Juventus GM Beppe Marotta after victory on Saturday.

Stramaccioni vented his irritation at Juve director Beppe Marotta for referring to his 'carefree tactical approach,' a comment that the Coach thought was sarcastic.

"Marotta is likeable and perhaps the real meaning of the word was worse than what he intended to convey," said Moratti.

"In any case, Stramaccioni is doing well, much better than anyone expected. Today we woke up aware that we have a better side than we thought, but we must remember this is a long-term project and the youngsters need to gain experience.

"I was not surprised by the trident attack, knowing what Stramaccioni had been working on. I was confident things would go well."