Inter Milan coach Claudio Ranieri insists he has no problem with Wesley Sneijder.

The Nerazzurri have lost seven of their last eight games and many believe the failure to find a role for Sneijder is the problem.

"We put together seven consecutive victories with a 4-4-2 system, but that was only a 'disguised' tactic, as Philippe Coutinho and Ricky Alvarez are not pure wingers," said Ranieri in his press conference.

"There were so many scoring opportunities against Marseille and we did fairly well in the other matches too. It doesn't depend on the system, but on what the players can do. We need to find the right approach for this team.

"Sneijder has to play behind one or two strikers and be allowed to invent his football there. It's not right to say he is a problem. Let's just say it's not his best season. He needs to be dealt with in a certain way.

"Problems must be overcome and confidence is important. There are problems at Inter, otherwise they wouldn't have fired Gian Piero Gasperini, but I must point out things were worse when I arrived.

"Even if we struggle to win now, we need to get out of this with the aid of club, players and fans. The supporters did jeer, it's true, but they are in any case pushing us on."