Inter Milan coach Mancini takes new dig at media

"It doesn't seem right that people talk in a certain way when there is an incident that involves Inter while such things aren't even discussed when it's another team," Mancini told Sky Sport Italia.

"For example, after the game in Udine they didn't discuss Zlatan Ibrahimovic's disallowed goal in a match that we were playing with 10 men.

"A perfectly good goal was disallowed but it didn't seem to me that anyone paid any attention.

"I understand that people are doing everything to put us under pressure and make us lose, but I think that all these episodes should be given equal spotlight.

"Everyone suffers from mistakes at some point, but it isn't through any sinister motives. After the Calciopoli scandal it is in the past and won't happen anymore, but referees can still make mistakes and always will."

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