Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini's claims that Roma captain Francesco Totti is "protected" has infuriated Giallorossi officials.

"It seems to me that his ideas are somewhat confused," Roma chief Bruno Conti told Corriere dello Sport. "But then he did resign and rethink his decision.

"I think Mancini has far more serious problems with managing his own side as the insults he receives come from his own players.

"This is not the first time that Inter have shown a lack of style."

Conti's attack obviously hit a nerve with Mancini and the former Sampdoria striker responded angrily.

"I only said what other people have said and I didn't offend anyone," he bellowed. "I have a great respect for Totti and that doesn't come into this.

"I think that Conti was very rude because there was no need for certain comments.

"For me, there was never any controversy and I don't think that Totti needs a guardian."

Throwing more fuel on the fire, Roma chief Rosella Sensi has also taken a shot at Mancini.

"Inter's Coach should have stayed quiet and his criticisms annoyed me," she rasped.

"It would be better if he just concentrated on doing his job and talked about his players rather than ours."