Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini is convinced the local media are out to get 'em.

Inter have gagged themselves from speaking to the media after their controversial victory over Parma last week.

Mancini only allowed an exception for Inter Channel and took the opportunity to unleash more vitriol on the mainstream media.

"Many people are prejudiced against Inter, they prove that every day and it has gone on for months now.

"We didn't do anything against Parma, we were awarded a penalty in an incident where the player admitted he hit the ball with his arm in the box, so there was nothing so scandalous. It will pass."

Mancini celebrated his 200th official match on the Nerazzurri bench last week and is on track to become their most successful tactician. Does he intend to stay for life?

"I hope I have entered into the hearts of the fans - maybe not all of them, as everyone has their own opinion. I hope to remain at Inter for a long time, even if I don't like to say I'll stay for life. I may well be here for 10 years, but life always reserves unexpected surprises."