Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho has taken aim at Roma president Rosella Sensi.

Sensi stated Inter ought to be "ashamed" of beating Lazio while the home supporters cheered them on.

Ahead of facing Roma in the Coppa Italia final, Mourinho said: "I am not asking for respect. I demand respect for my team. We risked Wesley Sneijder for that match and in fact he won't be able to play tomorrow.

"We lost Lucio in that game and he won't play. We gave our all on the field. The real shame is in stealing.

"Those with the good fortune to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths should respect those who work hard.

"My staff and I got here because we fought our whole lives. If Inter are in the Final of the Coppa Italia, Champions League and Scudetto race, it means we deserve respect.

"To the lady President of Roma, I ask her to respect my team. The rivalry between Roman clubs is none of my business.

"I'd like to point out that I have won five League titles without difficulty and hoped to battle for one until the last round.

"Now that has happened, I can say it's better to win with a 20-point gap. On Sunday I felt terrible pressure throughout the day."