Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho admits he had doubts they would win the Scudetto during yesterday's 1-0 victory over Siena.

Inter scraped their way to the Scudetto with a 1-0 victory at Siena this afternoon, but an equaliser would've given it to Roma.

"It's the first time I've won a title on the last day, but it's too much stress! Much better to win in a relaxed fashion, watching a game on television at the Appiano training ground," smiled the Coach.

"If Siena scored at the last minute, it was all over for us. There was a lot of tension. Now we will take two or three days to think about the Champions League Final with Bayern Munich."

He added: "I wouldn't say I was ever afraid, but when we went into second place then we were no longer in control of our own destiny.

"It was a lot more difficult knowing that not even a win would be enough, as we needed a third party to 'steal' points off Roma. Thankfully Sampdoria helped us out."