Inter Milan's boo-boys had Esteban Cambiasso in tears during their 2-2 draw with Catania.

Cambiasso was substituted with Inter 2-0 down, which was greeted with loud cheers. The Argentine burst into tears once he made the dugout.

"You'd have to ask the Coach whether it was the right decision to replace someone who has won so much. If Ranieri makes his choices, there must be a reason," Zanetti said.

"Clearly everyone can have difficult moments and I don't think us 'Senators' of the team are responsible. I won't stand for that, as in my career nobody has gifted me anything. Then people can judge whatever way they see fit.

"We have to understand the mood of the fans and unfortunately we have lost many games. At the final whistle I thanked the supporters, because they were very important in encouraging us."