Injuries won't change Middlesbrough transfer plans

Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate insists their rash of new injuries won't affect his winter market plans.

He said: "It hasn't changed our thinking because I know where the squad needs strengthening, which areas. I do not really think the position we are in now changes too much.

"It is always difficult to attract players in January to any club because the availability of the ones you want is not always clear.

"We always deal in players who are not going to the top four or five, some just want to go to London, so we are always up against it in those respects.

"But we have certain targets we will look towards. We know the positions we want and we want to attract players who are hungry to come and play for this club.

"If we can play well over the next few weeks and make our league position a bit healthier, it will be a more attractive proposition for people."

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