Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed Marco Materazzi ATTACKED Inter Milan teammate Mario Balotelli last night. Former Inter star Ibrahimovic was stunned as Materazzi turned on Balotelli after the youngster threw away his shirt at the end of their 3-1 win.

"I saw that Materazzi was attacking him in the players' tunnel and I've never seen anything like it," Ibra told RAI.

"If I were him, I'd have left Mario alone, but Materazzi was attacking him and I was stunned. If Materazzi had attacked me like that, I would've decked him in a second!

"Materazzi was causing all sorts of trouble and in the Barcelona locker room we were amazed, all talking about it. A player should be proud after a win, not chase down a 20-year-old to berate him."