FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman is looking to Alvaro Sanchez to lead his midfield. Speaking after his team's Friday training session Hyndman said: "Sanchez is a skilful, technical player and he's got a great left foot. I think he may be a better finisher, a better player going to goal and at making a killer pass.

"Does he bring as much when you look at 90 minutes? We don't know. So (Thursday) we experimented with him on the right side and he scored a goal. He kept pretty good possession of the ball, but I think he was a little bit ambitious with some of his passes and gave some balls away that I was a little surprised of.

"He helped players like Andre (Rocha) get back (to top form) by seeing a red flag to think he needs to do a little bit more or has got to do what he's been asked to do."