FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman is very happy with his team's performance at their Florida pre season training camp. FCD has played and won two games in the Sunshine State -- a 1-0 win over Colorado on Tuesday and a 9-0 victory against Florida International on Thursday.

Speaking to mlsnet.com, Hyndman said: "I think it's gone well, I think we had about 15 points in preseason and one very big area, which was team chemistry. What we've really worked hard on is developing a commitment to the team and acknowledging that we all make mistakes. We just have to recognize that mistake, regret that mistake and move forward."

Hyndman, who earlier in season preparations stated he felt that FC Dallas were starting to look more like the team he wants, is very aware of how he wants his players to bond.

"The big word is accountability," he said. "This is one of the big areas I noticed about the team last year -- that people didn't hold each other to high standards, hold themselves or their teammates accountable. So we're working on that but we don't want this to be a discipline environment where players are afraid to be themselves or scared to make mistakes. It's got to be something where everyone is accountable and working hard to get better. Hopefully, we can all reach the goals we want."

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