Alan Hutton hopes Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert will give him a fresh chance.

Hutton just hopes now the transfer window is closed he can work his way into the new manager's plans.

He told the Scottish Sun: "It's frustrating, of course it is. As a footballer it's probably the worst situation to be in, sitting not getting the chance to play.

"It's hard to take, but the only thing I can do is keep working hard and show him if needed I'm ready.

"It's all about not giving up and doing all I can to get back in the fold at Villa.

"At the time I was told it was nothing to do with my ability. It was all about the other aspect of it.

"If that's the case I don't see why I won't be considered for the team. I'm still on the books, so there's no reason to leave me out altogether.

"Myself and the new manager get on fine, there is no problem between us whatsoever. I've actually had really good conversations with him since he's taken over.

"Hopefully, now the window is closed and no more deals can be done, I'll push my way back in."