Hull fullback Ricketts: I'll prove Premiership class

Former Telford defender Sam Ricketts admits he can't quite believe meteoric rise with Hull City.

The Wales fullback said: "When you are playing in non-league the top flight is a long way away and you are looking up in awe at times. But sometimes you end a game thinking, 'you are good, but not as good as I thought you were.'

"I have proved it at club level, international level and now I aim to do that at Premier League level.

"There has been people who feel I couldn't do it. But I have inner belief that I can do it, I can play with better class opposition. I will study Hull's game now last weekend, just to watch what I did and try to improve on that.

"If you improve a little bit every day, in a couple of months you will be a better player."

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