Stoke City boss Mark Hughes feels he was unfairly criticised earlier this season.

Hughes was delighted with victory over Aston Villa.

"I was a little bit put out because I felt I was getting judged on 12 games rather than the 250-odd Premier League games I've been in charge of clubs for," said Hughes. "I felt it was unfair but I could understand why people were questioning me.

"I think it has to be viewed as progress. I've done it for a number of years now and I've got a number of wins behind me, so I do know how to win in the Premier League.

"But it's never about me. It's always about trying to do my best to make a club and a team better.

"We're 10th and maybe after this weekend we'll still be 10th leading into the Newcastle game. That gives us confidence that we're doing a decent job at the moment.

"It's where we wanted to be at this stage. We've obviously got targets in terms of what we hope to do this season. We're as near as damn it where we hoped to be so we're pleased about that."