Tom Huddlestone is confident of holding his own at Tottenham.

"Manchester United won the title, and I think they probably used 18 to 20 players," said Huddlestone.

"If I don't play it just makes me even more determined to prove the manager wrong in training. It keeps the players on their toes."

Spurs reached the latter stages of three cup competitions and finished fifth in the league last season - with hopes of improving following the arrivals of Gareth Bale, Darren Bent and Younes Kaboul.

"The talent in the team is there, and so is the potential," Huddlestone added in his club's official magazine Hotspur.

"I just think we have a little bit of inexperience in certain situations, like being 2-0 up in the Carling Cup semi-final and not closing it out.

"But I also think that comes from playing in the big games."