Houston Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear will deploy three trialists when his side takes on Salvadoran outfit DC Aguila in the Charities Cup on Saturday night.

Anthony Obodai, Juan Manuel Quevedo and Kendall Watson will all be used in the match which will give Kinnear the opportunity to evaluate them to see if they are worthy of becoming a part of his playing group.

"It means a lot [for them]," Kinnear told mlssoccer.com. "When you play a big game like this, it's important that they realize it's a big test for them. They have to come out prepared and play well and…impress a lot of people.

If we can improve this team, we will try to do it any way we can," he added. "It's not just this week or this weekend, it's every day. Is there urgency to make the team better? There is always urgency to make the team better.

"You bring [trialists] in for a reason and you are not going to [keep them on the bench]. You are trying to improve your squad and, hopefully, some of these guys impress you enough to have further discussions down the line."