MLS club Houston Dynamo are stepping into 2011 with a very positive outlook.

The coaching staff, led by Dom Kinnear, have put together a newlook outfit after 2010's 12th overall finish with a host of new players coming to Robertson Stadium.

Kinnear admitted it was an exciting time for the Dynamo with new players such as Colin Clark, Hunter Freeman, Kofi Sarkodie and Will Bruin being added to the roster.

"It's a new team coming into the locker room," Kinnear told the Houston Chronicle. "New positions, new expectations. The one thing that excites me the most is when we actually start playing against MLS competition to see if these guys are ready. I think they are."

And Kinnear admitted that the Texan club was not finished yet in regards to new signings.

"I still think we can make some additions in all three lines of the field, whether that'd be the back line, the midfield and the forwards," Kinnear added. "The search goes on. The thing is that we're up against every other team in the world for players that can come in and play well for you.

"I think we have a good team, but I don't think we're complete yet. I still think we need some other roster additions to be complete."