England boss Roy Hodgson isn't interested in the opinion of pundits over his tactical approach.

Hodgson's Euro 2012 tactics have come in for criticism but he is ­adamant that he will not be bullied into ripping up what he believes are ­England's strengths.

And he will not be dazzled by buzzwords either.

"The words vision and ­philosophy frighten me ­because I had to go to the ­dictionary once to find out what the word philosophy meant, and I've forgotten again," said ­Hodgson.

"I don't want to emulate ­other nations. I want ­England to be England. We have to maintain that degree of pragmatism that we have always had in English football. We also have to retain that fighting spirit and doggedness.

"We mustn't start throwing those qualities over-board just so you can come off the field and have someone say you've had more shots at goal. We will be working to keep what's good about our game and to improve the things that ­obviously did not go right for us this time."

Hodgson added: "Sometimes in football you have to be ­realistic."