Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is happy to act as a pinch hitter during his two-month loan spell.

He reckons he will be deployed in a similar way United boss Alex Ferguson uses 38-year-old veteran Ryan Giggs.

Henry said: "I am not 25 any more, I am not going to take the ball from the middle of the park and dribble past five or six players.

"I remember Dennis Bergkamp and he used to be the main front guy. Suddenly he was playing behind the striker and if you have the awareness to see things before other players, you can get away with not having your legs.

"If you look at Giggs, it's not the same Giggs who used to take the ball from the wing or from Denis Irwin and dribble past everyone and deliver a great cross.

"But what he has is that he can see the game, he is always available, he puts himself in a position where he can receive the ball alone - then you will never lose your touch.

"That's what I am going to try to bring to this team if I ever have to play."