Owen Hargreaves believes Manchester United have the players to win the Champions League this season.

Hargreaves, 26, said: "The amount of individual talent we have at United is bigger than we had at Bayern when we won the Champions League.

"What we did at Bayern was defend well and counter-attack well. The Champions League is similar to all major tournaments where teams tend to be cautious and don't want to risk losing matches because there aren't many games.

"At United we will play offensive, attractive football. That's what we want to do. We will play attractive football and I am sure we will be extremely successful.

"We haven't been able to play a so-called full strength team yet but I am extremely excited about the future.

"I talk to family and friends and they say when you look at the squad we have when everybody is on board it is going to be a fabulous experience for myself and for the fans."

Hargreaves puts United on a par with Barcelona, Real Madrid and holders AC Milan as the favourites but said any English club should be considered.

He added: "There are more clubs capable of winning the European Cup now. When we won it at Bayern in 2001 and when United did [in 1999] there were a few select teams who could be successful.

"But now every English team in the competition has the potential to win it.

"However, United are one of the favourites. In my opinion possibly the major favourites would be Man United, Barcelona, Real Madrid and the holders AC Milan.

"But then you have Chelsea and Liverpool who have shown to be very difficult to beat in Europe as well. It is very open."