Hamann urges Man City to stay grounded

Didi Hamann has called on Manchester City to maintain their early season high standards after victory over Aston Villa.

There is a real feelgood factor around the club but Hamann, who knows from his Liverpool days what it takes to be in and around the top four, offered some words of caution.

"It won't be easy. After 10 or 12 games you will see whether the big four make a move and obviously it's very difficult to stay up there," the German said.

"Last year we had a very bad home record, and I think that's key this year - to pick up enough points and wins, get a few wins away from home.

"If we can do that we can stay in the top half. But I think we are going to have to wait until Christmas and see where we are then," he told Sky Sports.

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