Brad Guzan has warned Aston Villa teammates of the threat of Fulham attacker Clint Dempsey. Goalkeeper Guzan told the Birmingham Mail of his USA teammate: "As the match gets closer I'll have a word with the guys, but they know him as well just from playing against him so he won't be that much of a surprise.

"Clint's a good player and somebody with a creative aspect to his game and I'm sure we'll keep a good eye on him.

"He's fantastic in terms of reading the game and being able to create things individually, as well as combining with others. I think from what he's been able to do and with his determination he's proved what a good player he is.

"I have been in the national team a few times with him and he's a friend of mine. We've chatted about how his time has been over here and I'm sure we'll catch up again."