Great Britain Womens captain Casey Stoney is surprised Tottenham ace Gareth Bale has skipped the Olympics.

The Wales winger made a goalscoring return for Tottenham on the club's US tour despite declaring himself unfit for Olympic duty.

After leading her team to victory over New Zealand in GB women's Olympic debut, captain Stoney, of Lincoln Ladies, said: "I don't understand it - he wouldn't want to miss this.

"We've been in close contact with the guys and they're as overwhelmed by this as we are. They're amazed and ecstatic as well.

"Don't think just because they're pros they're not (ecstatic) because, speaking to them, they really are.

"It was a dream come true today. You have so many ups and downs in your career and you have to fight so many obstacles, especially as a female playing football. Nobody's had it easy. You don't get to the top by taking it easy."