Young Queensland Roar striker Robbie Kruse has been involved in another late night 'dust-up'. Out with a hamstring injury, Kruse preferred to party on the weekend rather than recuperate and once again became a headline for the wrong reasons.

It seems his future at the Roar is now under intense scrutiny.

Roar coach Frank Farina was not at all impressed with the 20-year old.

"He's not in my good books at the moment," Farina told Fox Sports.

"Robbie's got to be the first one to realise that when you're injured you don't go out on the town partying.

"All footballers are doing something they love to do and getting paid to do it, but along with that comes certain responsibilities.

"I won't accept our people not doing the right thing by the team and by the club, and Robbie hasn't done that of late."

It is believed that the two new A-League clubs, Gold Coast or North Queensland may be willing to give Kruse another chance.