Gold Coast United’s Culina: Maybe there is no passion here

Gold Coast United captain Jason Culina admits that the passion for football may simply not be there for fans of the club.

Despite good performances on the pitch, the second-year club continually attract paltry crowds, highlighted by the A-League lows of 1,714 and 1,658 in their last two home fixtures.

Culina suggests that maybe the passion for the game is just not there on the Gold Coast.

''It's bad. I don't think I've said that before but the situation is getting even worse,'' Culina told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

''It's something I don't understand because we are doing so well on the field.

''Maybe there just isn't the passion for the game on the Gold Coast.

''Those 1700 or so who turn up week in week out are fantastic.

''They are the passionate ones but it's disappointing that beyond them we don't have the support.

''It's the fans that make a club and unfortunately we don't have too many of them. But all we can do is go out and play and hope it sorts itself out. Right now it's looking dismal. As players, we have done all we can.''

Culina insisted that the fervor and zeal from the playing side was there as were the results so can’t really put his finger on the reason for the fans not showing up.

“We as players are passionate about doing well,'' Culina added.

''We are doing it for ourselves and the small band of fans who come to the game each week. We feel we are offering the public something worth watching. If we were losing you could understand crowds dropping off. But that is not the case.''

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